A Guide to Turkey Weights

Christmas Turkey in a presentation boxWe are often asked by our customers “How many people will each turkey feed?”

The general answer would be:

“It depends on how many adults and children you are feeding and what their appetite’s are.”

At Southall Turkeys we are passionate about pleasing every customer and will alleviate any worries about purchasing a bird too small to feed the family or on the other extreme having masses of surplus meat after the festive period.

As a “Illustration Guide”, the table below gives you the chance to match your anticipated requirements to a turkey weight prior to ordering.

Don’t worry if mistakes are made when ordering your festive poultry weights, as at Southall Turkeys, we are willing, if available, to alter an order to a more suitable weight.

  • Oven Ready Weight
  • 4 kg Bird
  • 5 kg Bird
  • 6 kg Bird
  • 7 kg Bird
  • 8 kg Bird
  • 9 kg Bird
  • 10 kg Bird
  • 11 kg Bird
  • Will Feed
  • Will feed 4 Adults
  • Will feed 6 Adults
  • Will feed 8 Adults
  • Will feed 10 Adults
  • Will feed 12 Adults
  • Will feed 14 Adults
  • Will feed 16 Adults
  • Will feed 18 Adults

Please note this is for reference only and as with any order there may be a slight variation in the weight of bird received.

You can order your Christmas Turkey by visiting or phoning us at the shop or by completing our online order form.