The beef on sale in the Farm Shop mainly originates from our 80 strong herd. Predominantly Belgian Blue, our cattle may be seen grazing on the river meadow pastures within the parish of Great Barford throughout the summer months.  They are matured traditionally to provide high quality naturally fed beef.

The cattle are purchased as weaned calves at six months of age and are fully traceable.  Spending their first winter with us, they are loose housed in large, open , well ventilated straw yards. The cattle are fed using home grown cereals along with lush home grown grass silage.

Following the cold months of winter, the “yearlings”  are turned out onto fresh river meadow pastures for the summer months. There they happily graze nature’s produce prior to being re-housed at the farm during October for the coming winter months.

After a second year the cattle are nearing maturity and ready for careful final selection.

All the Southall Family cattle are reared by traditional means and are FREE from any Growth Promoters and unnecessary medications that other producers may use.