Since opening over twelve years ago, Southall Butchery have worked in conjunction with a local independent pig farmer to source high quality, fully traceable pork.  The farmer in North Bedfordshire believes in only the best welfare standards and continually sources his Large White Gilt pigs directly from one outdoor herd based in Suffolk.

The piglets are left to roam freely and root soil until twenty weeks of age.  At this point the piglets are weaned from their mothers and transported back to North Bedfordshire to mature freely in large spacious straw yards, catering for their every need.

Cared for in state of the art surroundings, the pigs are fed on a varied home grown cereal diet.  They have constant access to fresh running water and are bedded daily with plentiful amounts of fresh Barley Straw.  Being in groups of no larger than ten pigs per yard, the pigs can roam happily amongst the large straw enclosures.  Many of their natural instincts and behaviours can to be seen, whilst their progress and welfare can be closely monitored without causing any stress to the animals.

Once mature and the optimum body weight, the pigs are carefully selected and transported, stress free, by the same local family run abattoir we use for all our large livestock.