We are pleased to announce that we now have ,Traditional Home Grown Christmas Trees available.

Unlike some other Garden Centres and Outlets, all of our trees are grown in natural sustainable conditions and felled within hours of being made available for sale, therefore ensuring freshness and resulting a lengthily life.

All tress can be viewed prior to purchase and net wrapped to assist you in transit.

Should you require a larger tree, for use in displays in Churches or Schools , we do have a selection of oversize trees, which when purchased and felled can be transported to the display location at the purchasers cost.

Nordman Fir Tree prices:-

125cm through to 150cm  – 4ft to 4ft 11 inches are £20.00

150cm through to 200cm – 5ft to 6 ft 6 inches are £29.00

200cm through to 250cm – 6ft 7 inches to 8 feet are £40.00

251cm plus  – 251cm plus are £35.00

Organisation and Display trees – Please phone with requirements  01234 870333 / 07808 490492

As always with purchasing a natural product, there can be many variations of tree sizing, therefore  for this year,the Southall Family are making available for purchase, quality  adjustable Christmas Tree Stands, to assist you in displaying your tree in your home or office throughout the festive period.